Spoon Rain Chain

This is a project I saw in the April/May 2012 Birds & Bloom magazine. I thought it was so cool so I wanted to make one too! I couldn't find any old spoons when I went to Good Will so I just went to Wal-Mart and got spoons for 4/$.95 a great deal. The spoons were very easy to bend and drill. the wire was a little hard but I got it. Had to break it into two different chains other wise it fell apart from the weight. The last two images are of the second chain. With the left over parts I had my dad weld them together to create flowers so I used all of the spoons and created a great water chain.

Have to wait till it rains to see how well it works. But I am very happy how it turned out and how it looks. It only took me two days to do...a total of about 2-3 hours about. On to the next Project!!


  1. I saw this project too (I found you by looking up rain chain). I love the idea of welding the spoons together. Very nice idea. I have not tried this craft yet but I want to. I am not at all crafty so I wanted to check online first.


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